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Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event?  
Carrie Kerskie is a highly sought after speaker on identity theft and data privacy.These are terrifying topics yet she is able to present them in an effective and easy to understand way through humor and real cases that inspire change.  She has been professionally speaking for more than ten years. During this time she has provided over 300 presentations for state, national and international conferences, corporate retreats and annual meetings. Carrie has seen it from both sides: as a victim and as a private investigator.  Her more than ten years of working with victims, both individuals and organizations, enables her to speak from experience.  Carrie is the author of the book Your Public Identity: Because Nothing is Private Anymore.”

Want your attendees to have an unforgettable experience? Hire Carrie Kerskie to speak at your next event. 

McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union“McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union engaged Carrie for a corporate wellness speaking event to bring an interactive and  exciting presentation regarding a topic that affects  millions annually – IDENTITY THEFT. Her delivery was exciting and really brought forward the topic into an easy to understand format, providing useful tips and making the problem seem manageable. Action steps were provided to help folks get out and move forward. Highly recommended as a speakerMatthew Doyal, VP Financial Wellness in the Workplace

“Carrie did an outstanding job as a speaker, receiving excellent reviews from attendees.  Her coverage of the topic was cutting edge as there has been little publicity or attention paid to the growing problem of medical identity theft.” Joe Sustersic CIA,President, SWFL Chapter

“The clarity of your content and the ability to field questions with ease and accuracy will stand in our minds as one of the best of our meetings. “Dr. Richard Pepe, ROMEOS


  • Identity Theft, More Than a Financial Risk
  • Reducing the Risk of Business Identity Theft
  • Identity Theft and the Medical Community
  • How to Surf the Net While Avoiding Sharks
  • Understanding the Flow of Information in the Digital Age
  • Data Privacy Training for Employees
  • You ARE the Missing Link in Data Security
  • Simple Steps to Identify Phishing
  • Corporate Identity Theft: Loss of Data and Intellectual Property