Business Identity Theft


Did you know that a business can become a victim of identity theft?  Did you know that in most states business identity theft is not a crime?  Did you know that everything needed to steal your business’s identity is available online through public records? Did you know the non-profits and SMB’s are the number the number one target of data thieves?  Don’t let your organization become the next statistic. 

Types of business identity theft include:

  • New account fraud
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Corporate officer resignations and appointments
  • Reinstatement of delinquent corporate filing
  • Website spoofing
  • Sale of the company

What can it do to your business?

  • Negative effect on business credit score
  • Damaged reputation
  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost productivity
  • Litigation
  • Data security breach and more…


Your weapon in the fight against business identity theft

Carrie Kerskie, president of Kerskie Group Inc., is a corporate privacy and identity theft expert, author of the book “Your Public Identity: Because Nothing is Private Anymore” and founder of the Association of Certified Identity Theft Investigators.  She has been a featured speaker at over 200 national and international conferences, corporate events, retreats and annual meetings.  Carrie Kerskie is the creator of the Certified Identity Theft Investigator™ program.  She and her team of Certified Identity Theft Investigators™ have assisted hundreds of identity theft victims including businesses. 

Carrie Kerskie’s knowledge and experience led her to develop one of the most innovative and effective solutions for businesses to combat business identity theft – monitoring and restoration.  Early detection leads to less financial liability and less reputation damage.  Monitoring alone is only half the solution.  Once it is detected you need a partner experienced in business identity theft resolutions on your team- Kerskie Group is your partner.