Identity Theft Restoration

Every two seconds another American becomes a victim of identity theft. The average victim spends 200-300 hours attempting to restore her identity. Save yourself the time and aggravation by letting Kerskie Group do the work on your behalf. Kerskie Group has been restoring identities for more than ten years. We can help you too. All of our identity theft restoration specialists have been trained by our founder, Carrie Kerskie, one of the leading identity theft mitigation experts nationwide.

Restoring your identity is the first step. Once you have been a victim of identity theft your of becoming a victim again significantly increases. That is why the Kerskie Group doesn’t just restore your identity, we work with you to implement measures that greatly reduce your future risk. While it is impossible to prevent all types of identity theft, there are steps that can be taken to nearly eliminate specific types of identity theft. If you think a credit monitoring or a fraud alert is sufficient protection, think again.

Call (239) 435-9111 to schedule speak with specialist. You could be eligible for our restoration services at little to no cost to you.

Kerskie Group is recognized as one of the top identity theft restoration companies nationwide.  Our team understand identity theft from the prospective of the criminal and the victim.  We use this knowledge to not just correct the problem but to reduce the risk of re-occurrence in the future.  Don’t trust the restoration of your identity to just anyone.  Leave it to the experts at Kerskie Group.