Data Privacy for Small Businesses

Without effective measures in place business identity theft and data breach often goes undetected and leads to business failure, legal action and damages your business’ reputation. Kerskie Group’s consultants work quickly to protect your business from fraudulent activity. We are different from other organizations because we approach it from an operational perspective. This means we do not touch your computers. We help your organization identity gaps in your current policies and procedures. Our experience has shown us that this is often the most overlooked area when it comes to data security. You would have the greatest technology in place but the action of one employee can bring it all tumbling down in seconds. secret-205657_640In the event of a data breach, your organization must document data privacy procedures through organizational policies. Otherwise, your liability to greatly increase.

Kerskie Group will identify vulnerabilities in your current operations and offer solutions to secure them. Our services are ongoing and change as your business needs change.

Kerskie Group provides the following services: 

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