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Significant Legislation Signed into Law, Positive Impact for Businesses Statewide Naples, Fla. – Hodges University has announced the establishment of the Identity Fraud Institute. The Identity Fraud Institute, which is research and education focused, will serve as the central hub for all identity theft and fraud related information in and […]


In the age of technology scammers still rely on good-old-fashioned methods to steal your money or your personal information. One of these methods is the phone scam. The greatest warning sign of a phone scam is the fact that it is an unsolicited phone call, a call that you did […]

Tips to Avoid Phone Scams

The IRS has issued a new rule, called SSN masking, that permits businesses to mask, or place an “x” over, the first five digits of an SSN or EIN on tax forms. Last year the IRS permitted businesses to mask SSN and EIN on 1099’s. Now it is permitted for […]

New IRS Rule: SSN Masking

It seems that every year phishing emails increase around the holidays. This year is no exception. The common phishing email this year is the “order confirmation” email. The email appears to be confirming your purchase from an online retailer. Only problem is that you did not buy anything from them. […]

Beware of Phishing

Recently HackSurfer released an infographic of the “15 Scariest Things to be Hacked” and I must say it is terrifying. I miss the good old days when a thermostat simply regulated the temperature in my home. Just remember to keep these in mind while shopping.     

Scariest Things to be Hacked

The answer is both yes and no. There are two types of online banking. The first type permits you to view your accounts online. This type of online banking I recommend. The second type of online banking permits you to schedule payments to payees from your bank account. This type […]

Is Online Banking Safe?

Imagine your surprise when you go to file for Social Security and you are told that you are already receiving it. Or what about when your checks bounce because your social security payment was deposited into someone else’s account. Both of these are examples of social security. Both of which […]

How to Prevent Social Security Fraud

Concerned about identity theft? Looking for advice to protect your children from identity theft? Good news. All of your questions will be answered at an upcoming identity theft forum. When: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Where: Martin Luther King Administrative Center, 5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, FL Time: 4:45-6:30pm Reservations are not […]

Identity Theft Forum Scheduled