Kerskie Group Inc.

Identity Theft Restoration and Corporate Data Privacy Experts

The world is indeKerskie Grouped changing and information is available in ways once never thought possible.  Just two decades ago, most people and businesses had never heard of the internet, much less given thought to how vulnerable their identity and assets could be.  Social networking and online financial services have increased identity and intellectual property right theft to historic levels. Healthcare fraud is rampant and costs millions each year to individuals and businesses.

Clearly the time to protect yourself and your business is before you fall victim. Kerskie Group will show you how to do just that. Too late? Kerskie Group will assist with remediating the theft and put steps in place to prevent future theft.

Kerskie Group offers programs for conferences, corporate meetings and employee training on the topics of identity theft, data privacy, data breach and business identity theft.  

Take the time to explore our website. Each tab contains valuable information and links.  When you are ready simply click on the above Contact tab for a consultation appointment or assistance over the phone. Rest assured all information shared with Kerskie Group is confidential and safe.